KPI – Game report

Before the game

The game ID (for entry on the KPI online game report) is indicated under the QRCode, at the bottom right of the game report.

  1. Check the date and time of the game, the pitch and the teams involved
  2. Check the presence of the first and second referee
  3. Indicate the identity of the other officials (at least the name of the secretary, or his initials for the next games)
  4. Post on the online game report the changes to the team rosters (player deletions or number changes) indicated by the coaches

Feuille de marque / Game report

During the game

  1. Just before the start of the game, indicate the start time
  2. Indicate for each event (goal, card)
    1. the time (indicated by the scoreboard, generally decreasing)
    2. the event (check the goal, green, yellow or red card box) on the side of the team concerned
    3. the number of the player concerned (readable and without erasure)
    4. the offence, whatever the card color
  3. At half-time, and at each period change :
    • check the correspondence with the online game report and the scoreboard
    • Indicate the half-time score
    • draw a separation line

End of the game

  1. If the indication “Winner Required” is present, the game can not end in a draw, extra time will eventually have to split the teams
  2. At the end of the game, indicate time, final score and give the game report to the referee for signatures