Des nouvelles d’Iran

Si vous souhaitez du dépaysement, après l’été, l’équipe d’Iran organise une compétition du 17 au 20 septembre.

N’hésitez pas à contacter Ali à l’adresse


Hi, how are you ? I hope you will be Ok

We have competition in 17 _20 sep. if do you have team for ready to compete at that time.

We invite you to come to Iran and your team.

Thank you so much. Sincerely yours

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International Tournament Suisse Normande – THURY HARCOURT

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 2014 the project of the World Championship has encouraged us to continue the adventure and sporting event in 2015.

Our 2015 project is organizing an international tournament: International Tournament Suisse Normande (

The TISN will be set up in Thury Harcourt on the official website of the 2007 European championships and world championships 2014 will take place on 1 and 2 August 2015.

For this, we want to gather the best teams that drive the global polo kayak and European clubs to boost the European Championships.

We offer the following tournament formula:

Elite tournament with 3 divisions:

  • SENIOR MEN Division: 16 national teams and finalists of the European Cup club 2014
  • WOMEN Division: 12 national teams and finalists of the European Cup club 2014
  • OPEN Division: U21 + 12 national teams playing in the first division of a national championship


  • SENIOR MEN Division : Winner : 500 €  /  Finalist : 300 €  /  3rd place : 150 €
  • WOMEN Division : Winner : 300€ / Finalist : 200 € / 3rd place : 100 €
  • OPEN Division : Winner : 300 € / Finalist : 200 € / 3rd place : 100 €

Registration: 100 €

Attached with this message the Information bulletin.

The deadline for registration is fixed to the 12th July 2015. Yan can pre-order your participation with a mail answer and information bulletin. However, the registration will be definitive only when fees will be received at the club office and the Agreement of Kayak Club Thury Harcourt.

See you on the pitches

Kayak Club Thury-Harcourt
22 impasse des Lavandières

Tél. / mail:

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16e Tournoi International du Pas-de-Calais

TIP2015_Affiche_FRBonjour à tous,

le 16ème  tournoi international du Pas de Calais aura lieu les 25 et 26 Avril 2015 à SAINT OMER.

L’inscription est à 80 euros pour les divisions 1, 2 et dames. Pour les équipes moins de 16 ans, l’inscription est à 40 euros. Il y aura 4 catégories :  division 1, division 2, dames et moins de 16 ans.
Time Shot en division 1, 2 et dames.

Vous pouvez trouver les diverses informations  dans les documents en pièces jointes.

Primes : 1st Division 1 = 150 euros   1st Division 2 = 100 euros   1st Dames Division =100 euros
2nd Division 1 = 100 euros   2nd Division 2 = 70 euros   2nd Dames Division = 70euros
3rd Division 1 = 50 euros   3rd Division 2 = 40 euros   3rd Dames Division = 40euros

le comité d’organisation


Dear sport friends,

As every year, we organise the International Tournament of Pas-de-Calais of Canoe Polo on April 25th.
This 16th edition will be organised in the city of Saint-Omer (north of France). You will find the entry form and information about meals and accommodations (free camping).

Best regards,

Philippe LALLIOT
President of Saint-Omer club and CDCK 62

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Deventer international canoepolo tournament 2015 polo player,

We would like to invite you to our fourth Deventer International tournament.

Date: 4, 5 July 2015
Place: Deventer, The Netherlands
Divisions: First & Second
Entry fee: ?75,-
Party: Yes
BBQ: Yes, ?10,- per person

Other things to do for non-players:
– Watch games
– Deventer op stelten:

Inscription: Open. Only 26 spots left.

For subscription use the button on the website or just send me a mail with your teamname, division and contact details.


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Canoe Polo World Tour : Australia

A l’approche des Championnats du Monde ICF de Thury-Harcourt (14), découvrez quelques membres de l’équipe nationale d’Australie, leur histoire, leur état d’esprit, leurs ambitions, à travers des entretiens réalisés par Isabelle Robert, journaliste installée à Perth (Australie) :

Brett Houghton,
figure emblématique du kayak-polo

Nikky Lee,
le kayak-polo un art de vivre

Craig Hutchinson,
la valeur sûre Australienne

Shortly will be held the ICF Canoe Polo World Championships (Thury-Harcourt, FRA), discover some members of the Australian national team, their history, their mindset, their ambitions, through interviews conducted by Isabelle Robert, a journalist based in Perth (Australia):

Brett Houghton,
a canoe polo iconic figure

Nikky Lee,
her passion for Canoe Polo is waterproof


Prochaine étape : la France.

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Amsterdam Open 2014 Reminder

Hello fellow canoepolo players,10-15 FLYER_v2

I’d like to remind you of the upcoming Amsterdam Open, a great canoe polo tournament hosted by u.r.k.v. Michiel de Ruyter

On May 31st and June 1st canoe club Michiel de Ruyter organises its yearly international canoe polo tournament. On a beautiful location on the outskirts of the Dutch capital city Amsterdam, an international tournament with an very high standard and a unique atmosphere will be played. Good public transport with the lively centre of Amsterdam makes this tournament a good opportunity to visit this famous city.

Only a few spots remain, and we would like to fill the last free ones. Therefore you receive a free pack of 4 home brew Michiel de Ruyter beers made from the very water you’ll be playing on! So don’t hesitate and register quickly!

Amsterdam Open 2014
May 31st and June 1st
1st, 2nd and 3rd division

u.r.k.v. Michiel de Ruyter
Amsteldijk-Zuid 253
1423 BZ Uithoorn

€300,- of prize money!
Free camping near pitches
Registration only costs €90,-

Register through e-mail
Register now and receive a free 4-pack of Michiel de Ruyter beers

Kind regards,
Bart van Es, U.R.K.V. Michiel de Ruyter

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